Our Arborist Reporting Service specialises in all arborist requirements for State and Local Government development applications especially catering for the resolution of conflicting needs: How to best manage the required retention of trees while still maximizing the Building Envelope, balancing urban development, sustainable ecosystems and the carbon footprint.

Our Arborist Reports can be called on for Council Development Applications, insurance claim assessment and our Arborists can be called as expert witnesses.  Arborist Reports provide an assessment of trees and vegetation in their current state together with recommendations for the best solutions for the situation at hand, whether it is to ensure the long term health and viability of trees to be retained or for the removal and replacement of those trees whose health and structural stability are no longer viable. Depending on the need, reports may include further information such as tree protection requirements during earth and construction works.

Other services and reports include Technical Testing ; Vegetation Management Plan (VMP); Vegetation assessments; NATSPEC / AS2303 Certification; Tree Farm design, Tree Farm establishment, management & business planning;  pest & disease diagnosis and planning; dispute resolution involving neighbourhood tree/s.

All recommended tree work should be carried out in accordance with the Australian Standards AS 4373:2007- pruning of amenity trees and AS 4970:2009- protection of trees on development sites.

We hold current industry memberships with the Queensland Arboricultural AssociationArboriculture Australia, Brisbane Development Association and the International Society of Arboriculture.