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Why get an Arborist Report?

Arborist Reports are useful for many reasons, including:

  • For local council Development Applications 
  • For your property or a recently purchased property with existing garden, large or small or maybe a garden protected by a heritage listing. All trees and plantings can be catalogued and the Arborist Report will form part of your new Landscape Plan
  • For dispute resolution advantages

With an Arborist Report, you can plan according to your budget attending to any urgent works immediately and schedule further work on a managed basis. This is particularly useful for a larger private garden, corporate or public facility.

An Arborist Report will provide a legal document evidencing your informed approach to your asset management which can therefore assist to mitigate the legal liability associated with the trees and other vegetation on your property.

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For trees on privately owned residential property

An Arborist Report can provide advice on:

  • Beautiful aging trees in your garden which require restoration, remedial pruning and care
  • Significant or favourite tree which is currently in declining health
  • Long term planning to ensure the best care of trees in your garden
  • Recommended pruning to minimize the likelihood of trees causing damage to buildings on the property during storms
  • Neighbour concerns relating to trees from your property overhanging into their property
  • The likelihood of your neighbour’s tree falling into your property
  • Protection of the trees in your garden during earth or construction works on your property
  • Trees are within the proposed building envelope of a new house, extension or driveway on your property/your neighbour’s property
  • Compliance with local council tree regulations and planned building works
  • Advice on appropriate tree species for a suburban garden and surrounding infrastructure
  • Tree selection and care in a drought prone climate
  • Appropriate tree species which will help reduce my/my families carbon footprint

For Trees On The Property You Would Like To Buy

An Arborist Report can give you useful information on the property you are looking to buy, including:

  • What sort of trees are they?
  • What are the future maintenance costs associated with the trees on this property?
  • What are my new local council tree regulations?
  • How can I build a new house/renovate the existing house and comply with my local council tree regulations?

For Trees On Commercial Property Development

An Arborist Report can be helpful at many stages in the development process:

  • Council requires an Arborist Report as part of a Development Application for new building works
  • Trees are a valuable asset and you would like to maximize the carbon neutral position of new building construction works/ subdivision/new residential development
  • Tree selection and care in a drought prone climate
  • Tree Farming – From development of a Business Plan to commissioning of a new enterprise

For Trees And Your Local Government Authority /Landscape Architecture Or Landscape Business

You will need an Arborist Report if you are:

  • requiring NATSPEC review of all new tree specimens to be planted out in public places or within your development
  • requiring advice on tree species selection and care in a drought prone climate

Arborist Reports provide a reference point in time on the health and viability of your trees.

Commissioning of an Arborist Report and acting upon its recommendation indicates your care and diligent effort to minimize damage which may otherwise be caused through neglect or poor arboricultural maintenance.

Our independent Arborist Reports and tree management plans are tailored to address concerns at hand.

All recommended works should be carried out in accordance with the Australian Standards 4373:2007- pruning of amenity trees and 4970:2009- protection of trees on development sites.

We hold current industry memberships with the Queensland Arboricultural AssociationArboriculture AustraliaBrisbane Development Association and the International Society of Arboriculture.

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