Consulting & Project Arborist

What is a Consulting & Project Arborist?

In Australia, a consulting and project arborist is a tree expert with in-the-field experience and an AQF level 5 Qualification in the science, and practical application of, arboriculture. Independent Arboricultural Services arborists hold a minimum AQF level 5 qualification in Arboriculture, undertaking ongoing professional development training each year as part of their employment and professional accreditations with Queensland Arboricultural Association, Arboriculture Australia and International Society of Arboriculture.

What does a Consulting & Project Arborist do?

Consulting and project arborists use their experience and formal education to provide a wide range of qualified tree and plant-related advice, including:

  • Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) management on development sites

  • Tree Management Plans for trees of importance, e.g., Heritage Listed or Council Protected trees

  • Tree retention or removal on development sites

  • Alternative design solutions - trees on construction /development sites, e.g., driveway access & service installations, alternate construction methodologies within TPZs

  • Preparation and lodgement of Council documentation for tree removals on development sites

  • Tree Health Management

  • Tree root issue management including root barrier installation

  • Restoration of tree health using diagnostic analysis (including Soil & Tissue testing)

  • Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA and TRAQ qualified)

  • Disease diagnosis & tree degradation issues

  • PiCUS Sonic Tomograph testing (internal tree decay testing)

  • Tree Motion Sensors (TMS) measuring tree movement

  • Resistograph (internal tree decay testing)

  • Thermal imaging and use of diagnostic tools & specialist testing

  • Tree Transplanting - from small to large mature tree species

  • Replacement planting including sourcing of plants, propagation, NATSPEC / AS2303 accreditation

  • Protection orders – N.A.L.L. and V.P.O & EHP Heritage overlays

  • Weed Species Management

  • DERM reporting requirements including koala tree replacement policy

  • Dispute Resolution and Expert Witness

  • Project Arborist services including supervision and auditing of works within Tree Protection Zones (TPZ).

At Independent Arboricultural Services, our team relies on over a combined 30 years’ experience in responsible and sustainable tree and vegetation management in and around the built environment.

Our consulting and project arborists have a proven track record of providing dependable expert witnesses testimony and early intervention dispute solutions where possible.

Overlaying an arboricultural lens onto development plans, our consulting service includes reports for all stages of planning and construction - from Preliminary Tree Reports, Tree Management Plans and Arboricultural Impact Assessments for DA lodgements. Whether it’s a residential dwelling or a commercial space our reports will contain recommendations for implementation - measures and procedures that must be followed to ensure the health and ongoing viability of retained vegetation on your property or trees close to boundaries within neighbouring properties.

Our Arborists are qualified to oversee and manage sensitive excavation or construction activities where the survival of trees and other plants is either legally required or aesthetically desired. It includes on-site management of vegetation, further recommendation and onsite supervision while work is carried out.

In many cases, Tree Protection Zones (TPZ) are required under Development Application (DA Conditions). Guiding the construction process around trees from planning to breaking ground, our project arborists will provide detailed advice as to which trees will need to be protected or removed, providing reasoning for required methodologies and ways to deal with trees on potentially difficult sites whether they are small or large in size.

Tree Management Plans will provide clear instruction for tree management throughout the entire project and are designed to be inserted into Construction Management Plans (CMPs).  Our Arborists are qualified to provide ongoing Tree Audit and Final Tree Audit Reports for all supervised works to meet sealing of DA documentation requirements. Noting that photographic recording of all work forms part of these reports, they can only be issued for supervised work and therefore, cannot be issued retrospectively.

Tree Management Plans (TMPs) outline the sequence of activities that will need to take place for affected trees to meet safety and legal obligations.

How do I know if my consulting arborist is qualified?

Arboriculture Australia provides a free online search for checking the bona fides of anyone claiming to be a consulting arborist. The directory can be accessed online at

Queensland Arboricultural Association also has a directory where our profile is available for review.

Our Arborists hold required qualifications and memberships including Queensland Arboricultural Association (QAA), Arboriculture Australia (AA) and International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

When seeking the services of a reputable Consulting Arborist, you should seek assurance that all recommendations for required tree work will be made in accordance with the Australian Standards AS 4373:2007- pruning of amenity trees and AS 4970:2009- protection of trees on development sites.

We hold current industry memberships with the Queensland Arboricultural AssociationArboriculture AustraliaBrisbane Development Association and the International Society of Arboriculture.