Our Plant Health Care Services give you access to experienced and qualified personnel who can:

  • Develop a custom Plant Health Care Program for your plants
  • Identify the reasons for and solutions to pest and disease problems
  • Relocate plants and trees of all sizes across all distances.

Plant Health Care Programs

Independent Arboricultural Services is careful to investigate and understand the stressors behind tree issues before identifying and proposing the best solutions.

Our Plant Health Care (PHC) Programs are designed to maintain or improve the landscape's appearance, vitality and – in the case of trees – safety. A good PHC program will balance cost with environmentally sensitive practices and treatments over the long term, meaning that we will be working with you in partnership over the course of program.

A Plant Health Care program can include soil and tissue nutrient testing, PH testing and fully tailored maintenance and improvement plans that are measured regularly for progress. They can include:

  • soil decompaction
  • soil injections
  • plant injections
  • soil amendments
  • advice on soil composition and mulching requirements

Pest and Disease Management

Pests and Disease can affect trees of all sizes, potentially compromising the lifespan and safety of trees. Because of this, it's vital that large and/or valuable trees have a holistic pest and disease management plan in place. At Independent Arboricultural Services, we specialise in logic-driven, balanced plans for controlling pests and disease in your trees.

Tree Relocation Services

We have safely and successfully moved trees of all sizes - transporting and planting them as close as a 20 metres away and as far as in the next state! Every tree is different and requires a bit of planning, but we're confident if it's valuable enough to you that you want to see it live on, we can work out a practical solution.

All recommended tree work should be carried out in accordance with the Australian Standards AS 4373:2007- pruning of amenity trees and AS 4970:2009- protection of trees on development sites.

We hold current industry memberships with the Queensland Arboricultural AssociationArboriculture Australia, Brisbane Development Association and the International Society of Arboriculture.