Our qualified & experienced team of arborists delivers arboricultural services across Queensland & around Australia

Independent Arboricultural Services provides a prompt, fully insured, independent arborist reporting, arborist consulting and plant health care service to the Private, Corporate and Government sectors with AQF Level 5 & Level 8 qualified arborists providing reports and advice to meet customer requirements.



 Two people reviewing a report

Arborist Reporting Service

Arborist's Reports provide an assessment of trees and vegetation in their current state together with recommendations for the best solutions for the situation at hand. People may need an arborist's report for Council Development Applications, insurance claim assessment or expert witness testimony in a court case.

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Arborist Consulting Service

Our Arborist Consulting Services gives you access to our experienced and qualified personnel for professional advice on a host of scenarios and decisions that relate to your trees. These can include developing a plan to deal with Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) management on development sites, Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA licensed) and Protection orders - N.A.L.L.and V.P.O, as well as many others.

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Plant Health Care Services

We offer a range of services that ensure the ongoing health of your plants.  Our Plant Health Care Programs focus on the longevity of valuable plants wherever they are – from a small patio or backyard to extensive parklands and construction sites.  We also provide Pest and Disease Management solutions and tree transplanting services for plants of all sizes.

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